April’s Tip of the Month

Premier Technologies Helpful Tip of the Month

April 2011

This month’s tip is how to use Microsoft Outlook feature “Social Connector” for Facebook

Social Connector is a new feature of Outlook 2010 that also works on Outlook 2007, and 2003. It is a great sales tool that can help you relate to your customers and clients by seeing their latest posts and status updates.

First click the Start Menu or circle Windows logo on the bottom left of your desktop

Next right-click on Computer and select Properties at the bottom

Premier Technologies Tip of the Month

After you click Properties a window should have opened with your system’s information

Premier Technologies Tip of the Month

Next to System type you will find what bit your Operating System is this is important so you know which file to download soon.

Click this link to begin setting up Social Connector for Microsoft Outlook 2010


Premier Technologies Tip of the month

After the site opens you will see two files under File Name one that has 64 in the files name and one that has 86 in the file name.  The one with 64 is for 64-bit systems and the one with 86 is for 32-bit systems. Find the one that matches your system’s bit and click the Download button to the right of it.  It will then ask you Do you want to run or save this file? Click Run then follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

After the download is complete follow the Instructions for use: underneath where you clicked download and your Outlook with be synced up with your Facebook account so you can see the latest posts from your co-workers and clients right in your Outlook email.


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