The Rise of Internet Marketing

Premier Technologies has recently added a new staff member to the team who will manage our Web Development and Internet Marketing solutions.  His name is Ryan Draeving, he is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and has a degree in Marketing with an Emphasis in Internet and Direct Marketing. We feel that he is a seamless addition to Premier Technologies and will help us provide another essential service to customers.

Did you know that today, the World Wide Web contains over 100 million web sites and over 20 billion pages, so while it is great to have a website there is no guarantee that someone will see your website or that it will attract you new customers. So how can your company and its website get noticed on the internet? Well Premier Technologies has developed NEW solutions to this growing issue and has three different internet marketing plans based on your company needs that can help your business rise through the clutter of the World Wide Web.

When managed efficiently and continuously, internet marketing can expose your company to boundless reach, globally and locally, 365 days a year while still capturing your key target market.Marketing your company on the internet can provide a larger targeted segment at the fraction of the price it would cost to reach the same size audience in television or print. The best part is you can easily measure the effectiveness and success to see your return on investment.

With the majority of people now using their Smart phones and computers to find and research companies it is inefficient to spend large amounts of your advertising or marketing budget on television and print ads. Why not focus on marketing your company where people are looking for your company? Yellow page ads can be costly and not many people use phone books anymore. Our Managed Internet Marketing solution will get your company and website noticed on the World Wide Web.

We have three internet marketing plans so you can be sure one will be right for your company.  We have a basic, standard, and Premier plan. These plans include everything from registering your domain name, designing your website, and all of the internet marketing that will help your company drive business.

Please give us a call today and choose an Internet marketing plan works for you.

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