February’s Tip “Snap” & “Shake”

Premier Technologies Helpful Tip of the Month

This month’s tip is how to use Microsoft Windows 7 new features “Shake” and “Snap”


How many times have you been multi-tasking and find yourself with more than two windows open at a time? Then to focus on one window you have to go to all the other windows to minimize them one by one.

Now with Windows 7 you can just click and hold down the top of the window you want to keep up and give your mouse a shake. Magically every open window except that one instantly disappears. Shake it again and your windows reappear.


You may or may not have seen the commercials from Microsoft about the Snap feature before, but if did not we will show this handy new feature of Windows 7. Snap allows you to arrange and resize windows on the desktop with a simple mouse movement. You can quickly align windows at the side of the desktop, expand them vertically to the entire height of the screen, or maximize them to completely fill the desktop. Snap can be especially helpful when comparing two documents, copying or moving files between two windows, maximizing the window you’re currently working on, or expanding long documents so they’re easier to read and require less scrolling.

If you have a smaller window open Click and Hold the top of the window and pull it towards the top of your computer screen until you see an thin white outline around the outside of your computer screen then let go of the window. Using the Snap feature windows has made your window fit the entire screen size.

If you Click and Hold the top of the window again and pull it all the way to the left or right side of your computer screen until you see a white outline again and then let go of the window it will Snap the window into half of the left or right side of your screen. This also works with two windows so that you can view them side by side and is great for when you are copying and pasting things or working on two things at a time.


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