Remote IT Support

Remote IT Support

Our Remote IT Help Desk can get you up and running sooner than you expect.

Remote IT Help Desk allows us to troubleshoot and repair a great deal of problems via the internet! This is the most convenient repair service we offer! No need to disconnect, drop off, or wait! We’ll fix your computer right over the internet, anywhere in the world!

With this service we can:

  • Troubleshoot software problems
  • Find lost files
  • Fix Windows errors
  • Perform data recovery/backups
  • Remove spyware and viruses
  • Offer basic training
  • Fix printer communication issues
  • Do much, much more!

Our Remote IT Help Desk is totally safe even through firewalls.
We utilize the latest 128-bit and 256-bit encryption to protect your passwords and data.
Our service works with Windows 2000 and later.

1. Broadband Internet access (Cable, DSL, Wireless, etc.)
2. Dial up service will work, however, due to the limitation of dial-up modems this service may not be the most cost-effective. Call us first and we can determine whether or not this service is for you!

Give us a call today: (608) 361-1000 or 877-577-2934 (toll free)


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