Support Hours:

Monday through Friday 7am – 6pm

**After hours emergency support is also available to our current clients.

Contact Options:

Phone: (608) 361-1000 or Toll-Free: (877) 577-2934


Chat: Click here to open a chat window

if your technician provided you with a session code:

Service Requests

Service requests can be made in several different ways.  Service Technicians are available Monday through Friday 7 A.M. through 6 P.M. for our business clients.  After hour’s service is emergency service is available for current customers as well.


Service can be requested in several different ways, however to ensure the highest possible customer service, all support requests will be tracked as tickets.

  • By telephone at 608.361.1000 (local) or Toll Free 877.577.2934
  • By email at
    • When emailing a support request please include the priority level in the subject line.
      • “Emergency” will generate a level 1 response
      • “quick” will generate a level 2 response
      • “normal” will generate a level 3 response
      • “maintenance” will generate a level 4 response
      • “low” will generate a level 5 response
  • By chat via our using the link above./
  • Clients can also generate tickets electronically if you are not sure how to do so, please ask one of our technicians for assistance.

Response Times

In order to ensure the highest possible level of care and response to all our clients we have divided the support requests into different categories based on the impact the event has on your business and by the level of support chosen by the customer or the service contract.  In general, however, the ticketing system assigns a level 1 ticket to the highest priority (emergency) tickets and level 4 the lowest priority tickets. Technician’s response times are based on these priorities.

Priority Response Resolution Plan Created Problem Resolved
Emergency – 1 30 minutes 4 hours 8 hours
Quick response – 2 1 hour 8 hours 2 business days
Normal response – 3 4 hours 2 business days 1 week
Scheduled maintenance – 4 2 business days 3 business days 1 week
Feature request – 5 2 business days N/A N/A

Change Ticket Priority:

Should the situation change after a service request has been generated, the priority level can be changed by simply contacting Premier Technologies by one of the methods listed above and either upgrading or downgrading the situation. Not sure what level to classify your support problem? Contact us and one of the technicians will be more than happy to assist you in creating a ticket.

Check Ticket Status:

You can use the “Customer Support Login” link at the top right corner of our home page. Your login id is the email address that we have on record for you. If this is the first time that you are checking on status or if you have forgotten your password, just click “Forgot your password? Click here to have it emailed to you.”


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