Virtual Servers

What are virtual servers?

Well virtual or dedicated servers are servers hosted and maintained in a data center that you have full root control of. No need to worry about switches, routers, internet bandwidth, power losses, hardware failures or backups.

Here at Premier Technologies we offer this solution to our customers.  It is very expensive to purchase, set-up, and maintain a server in-house. Unless you are a big company it will take many years to recover the cost of a server.  It is much more cost-efficient to rent a small portion of a Data Center, such as the one we have here at Premier Technologies, than it would be to build a small data center in-house.

A Virtual or dedicated server allows you to control cost by knowing what your monthly fee is a head of time, there are no surprises like there could be if your in-house server or data center suddenly crashes. Let us worry about the server hardware, switches, and power backup requirements for you. Small businesses have enough day-to-day functions to manage let alone keep a server up and running 24/7.

If you are a multi-site organization a virtual server is great for hosting say an accounting system so that it can be accessed from all sites within the organization.  If you are a website developer you can use a virtual server to host all of the websites you have created for your clients in one place. You will have Root access to Windows, which will allow you to install anything on your virtual server.  Virtual servers can also be used as stand by servers if your primary site in off-line.  We do set up servers in-house for some of our big customers, but for most businesses or companies we recommend our Virtual Server solution.

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