Data Center Services

Premier Technologies offers an array of Data Center Services that can alleviate the headaches that come from managing a company’s data storage. Most small businesses cannot afford to have an in-house server to host and back up all of their files, let alone pay an employee to constantly monitor it. This is where we come in.

We provide Email Hosting, Web Hosting, and also Off-site Backup for numerous companies big and small.  We can help you cut costs by storing large amounts of your company data on our Virtual Servers. We can do this is in a variety of ways, we can use full cloud computing where you pay per GB stored, we can collocate your servers using Collocation Products, or you can rent space on one of our servers. Our hosting services and off-site backup can be provided separately or bundled into one “managed solution”.

If you are a multi-site organization no problem, leave the worries of 24/7 uptime to the experts. We can provide all services needed to keep your data available 24/7. Our trained professionals will keep constant watch of your data to prevent and fix any problems that may arise immediately. Our state-of-the-art datacenter is connected via Fiber to ATT’s back bone, which allows us to carry more bandwidth and is also digital rather than analog data transmission. This is what allows us to provide the highest quality data center service to our customers along with our trained IT professionals who always keep our servers and your servers up and running.

Let us work with you and find a solution that will help your company cut costs today!

Email Hosting Service

Premier Technologies can manage and host your business email for you. Our email hosting is great for businesses who want to convey their name and logo through emails. Many email hosting services may require you to have a website to have an email address, with us you don’t need a website in order to have a personalized email address with our POP and web-based email client. As your email hosting provider we vow to block 99% of all SPAM so you don’t have to waste hours deleting junk you don’t need. Nothing wastes more time than deleting emails that you should not have received in the first place. We also use two AV engines to remove all viruses that may try to enter your emails. All of this is included as part of our Standard Email Hosting solution, which can allow a business to have up to 25 mailboxes.

For more advanced email users we offer our Advanced Email Hosting solution.  This solution is priced per mailbox and can be added to the standard email package.  In addition it includes a 5GB mail box and it supports Outlook sync so when Outlook is used off-line all content is available.  The greatest feature of the advanced email hosting is how it works with Smartphones. It allows you to have multi outlooks that are synced together so that you can access all of the emails sent and received on your computer straight to your phone or access your email from more than one computer.  This is a huge time saver for the busy business professionals who are always on the go and who might not be near their business computer all the time.

This feature will allow you to respond to emails faster, which will speed up many of your business processes. It works on all Android, Windows, iPhone, and Blackberry phone operating systems. In addition it supports Blackberry’s enterprise server so all Blackberry’s contacts, calendar, tasks and email are synced with the server. You also have the ability to remotely wipe or lock a lost handheld thru the web-based client.

Web Hosting Service

Premier Technologies provides “Managed” Web Hosting solutions. In other words, we take care of everything from domain registration and renewal to website storage, maintenance and updates. There is no need to worry about whether someone remembered to renew the domain name from one year to the next or if your website is uploaded for everyone to see 24/7. We will save you the cost and headaches of having to store and manage your company website.

Our Web Hosting service offers Windows Hosting, which allows the hosting of ASP, ASP.Net and MSSQL scripts and databases.  Windows can also run PHP, MySQL, Perl, and Cold Fusion. We can host most any website you or your company may have in our Data Center. We also have an in-house telephone tech support line based in Wisconsin if any issues may arise. We do offer volume discounts for existing web developers who may want to host more sites with us. This is provided as part of our Web Hosting service or is included in our Web Development and Internet Marketing solution, where we handle all of your web solutions from getting your domain name to design your site we do it all.