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Fiber, WIFI, Point To Point Wireless

Is Fiber-Optic Internet better than Copper Cable? In short, YES. 

1. Upload and Download Speed – Fiber has a data transfer rate up to 10 billion bits per second. Cable connections has a data transfer rate up to 300 million bits per second. This is the equivalence of waiting 22 minutes to download with cable OR 8 seconds with Fiber. It is fast! 

2. Reliability – Not only is fiber the fastest option on the market, it is also the most reliable. Fiber is made out of glass, there is no electricity involved. This means fiber can withstand high and low temperature fluctuations, unlike cable. Fiber can be submerged in water and is less likely to be impacted during a power outage. 

Are you looking for a cost-effective solution to boost your WIFI reliability and connectivity? 

Adding a Wireless Access Point may be the best solution for you. We can easily install and connect to your existing router to boost connectivity, reduce latency and increase productivity. 

Do you have multiple locations? Are you searching for an effective alternative to Fiber? 

If so, Point To Point Wireless may be the best option for you. We install high tech antennas at all sites and connect wireless internet. 

Surveillance and Camera Systems

Thermographic Cameras create images using infrared radiation. These cameras are capable of sensing tiny differences in temperature, with extremely high accuracy.

We deploy these cameras for many different use cases, some examples below: 

  • Detecting employee temperatures, in response to COVID-19 
  • Fire Detection and Prevention
  • Water Detection and Prevention
  • Security, Indoor and Outdoor

Are you looking for durable, high quality Security Cameras without breaking the bank?

Look No Further!! We are an Axis Partner and Mobotix Partner. We can design solutions tailored to your needs and budget. 

Phone Systems

Voice Over Internet Protocol. 

How does it work? This technology converts your voice into a digital signal – allowing you to make calls directly from a computer or other data driven devices! VoIP is a gold standard, Why? Crystal Clear Voice, Reliability and Cost. 

Premier Technologies is a Proud 3CX Partner.

Why is 3CX the Tech We Love? 

1. Unbeatable Prices For Our Clients – Switching from a traditional phone system to 3CX is a cost savings up to 80%!

2. Open Source Platform – This means you are in control of phone numbers, hardware and whether to have your system on-premise or in the cloud! 

3. Easy to Deploy and Manage – The user friendly interface allows you to add and manage extensions with the click of a button. It really is that simple with 3CX! 

4. You Can Take Calls From Anywhere – When your desk phone rings, you can pick the call up from your computer or mobile phone! This is perfect for a remote workforce. 

Visit the Learning Center for more information on 3CX! 

Access Control Systems

Simplify the process of granting access to individuals visiting and exploring your facility! 

This solution is design to be a straightforward security measure. See and Speak to individuals prior to allowing them access into your building all from the comfort of your desk!


Are you tired of being tied to a desk to open doors for employees and visitors? 

This solution will allow you to: 

1. Automate access control for your employees and contractors.

2. Give mobile credentials, enabling access from a smartphone.

3. Remotely manage your facility from any device.

4. Monitor who comes in and out of your office with video.

Conference Room Solutions

What is Digital Signage? 

An All-in One platform to display images, websites, schedules, room agendas, clocks, project progress, quarterly projections and more. This solution is designed to your business needs. 

Looking To Increase Meeting Participation, But Your Team is Working Remote?

Try Our Solution! It is like you are sitting in the room with the presenter! 

Wondering if Teams or Zoom makes sense for you? Venture on over to the Learning Center. 

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